How We Work

Our team is collaborative, cohesive, and obsessed with discovering the “why”.

We believe in creative discovery and experimentation within a strong risk-controlled environment – built on a foundation of trust, respect, and integrity.
Core Values
Integrity and character
The foundation of any team is its people. We look at the whole person, not just their resume or track record.
Risk management
Managing risk is behind every decision we make, while allowing creative freedom and without stifling innovation.
For employees and investors alike, we work towards a common goal to ensure thoughtful, strategic alignment.

ClearAlpha™ utilizes state of the art, cloud-native technology that provides cutting-edge security and highly customizable risk management controls.

Our firm uses a secure platform with adaptable innovation potential, transparent cost-efficiency, and automated risk-management guardrails designed to encourage safe experimentation for alpha generation. Our custom greenfield platform, Loop, is structured to allow for constant innovation and evolution to ensure the latest and best technology is always in use.
Our Partner Organizations

The co-engineering partnership between Kusari and ClearAlpha has been fantastic. Working together on a state of the art, security first approach to delivering software has resulted in a best-in-class technology shop. ClearAlpha™ has an incredibly high bar for both quality and security has helped us improve our products and approach.

Tim Miller, CEO, Kusari

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